About me

I am Marcel Gerber, a German hobbyist programmer and Brackets user & contributor. I've been programming since 2010, mostly for fun. I'm 18 years old and kind of addicted to GitHub. Seriously. Ah, and did I mention I love Brackets?

Since May 2015, I'm even a Brackets committer!

Programming Languages

My favorite programming languages include JavaScript, HTML and CSS (Ok, these aren't real programming languages, but that doesn't matter…). I can further do some coding in Python and I have some experience (mostly from school) in Java programming.

Open Source contributions

Most of my Open Source contributions are targetting Brackets and its related repositories, including CodeMirror.

My contributions are of various types, some are bugs I found (or introduced), others include bug fixes, translations (English ↔ German) or even new features.


I enjoy skiing, biking and waterskiing quite a lot. Furthermore, I sometimes do things like karting, Lasertag or minigolf with my friends.

And, of course, programming.


I don't have that many Open Source projects of my own, but the ones I have include:
  • tetris, a canvas-based version of Tetris, written in JavaScript. I wrote it when I was 15 years old. [play, source]
  • update-wpd-docs, a Node.js script to create a JSON file (for offline use) of the Web Platform Docs, used for - who would have thought - Brackets [repo]